Cardiff International White Water provide indoor wave surfing sessions on the FlowRider machine at their location in Cardiff city centre.  Nowhere else provides this indoor wave in Cardiff, it is a great way to try a surfing indoor wave pool before going out to surf in the ocean for the first time, which can be difficult.

So, if you’ve never surfed before or even if you have, you should have a go at the indoor wave machine today at CIWW. Or maybe you would like to try bodyboarding? But again you don’t have the confidence or experience to try it on the beach.

Well, now is your chance to surf or bodyboard on the indoor wave, and try the FlowRider at CIWW in Cardiff. CIWW houses this brilliant indoor wave machine in Cardiff Bay International Sports Village.

If you are interested in surfing, and you are too far from the beach, or the weather is not permitting, then you can come down to CIWW and check out the indoor wave surfing. You should call CIWW before coming in, and they will go through what the sessions entail.

CIWW take care of their customers because when you book an indoor Wave session with the Cardiff White Water Centre, it includes expert instructions on how to get started and how to manage to ride the jets of water.

The indoor wave machine is suitable for all, and no experience is required. CIWW just wants you to enjoy it, and if one session wasn’t enough, you can always book another and come back.

CIWW suggest booking an indoor wave surfing session with your friends or family, as it will be a great day out for everyone. You can also give each other tips on how to ride the jet waves. It could be a fun activity to do for someone’s birthday where your friends and family can watch you. The FlowRider has two lanes available so you can surf with a friend or go solo.

CIWW does state that there is a minimum height restriction of 107cm for this activity. The price of in the indoor surfing session ranges in price from £22.50 – £35.00 per person, ring the team at CIWW for more information about this.

The time of each surfing session lasts for a duration of 1hr 30 minutes; however, the 30 minutes is time set aside for kitting up and the safety briefing beforehand. As mentioned, all coaching and specialist equipment is provided when you book a session with CIWW.

Book your indoor wave surfing session with CIWW today. You will have the best day out with your friends or family riding the jet waves on the FlowRider indoor wave machine. No need to worry if it is your first time, the experts at CIWW will look after you and give you instructions before the session on how to ride the waves.

You can book a session with CIWW today by phone on 029 2082 9970, or you can go online to their website and book straight away by clicking Book Now on their Indoor Wave Surfing page. You will be brought to the contact page, and all you have to do is enter your details and the activity you would like to do, for example, indoor wave surfing.


About Cardiff International White Water

Located in the heart of the International Sports Village in Cardiff, Cardiff International White Water is home to the UK’s very first on-demand Olympic standard White Water Rafting and Indoor Wave facility.

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