Chester Hollingsworth, a World War Two veteran and Texas centenarian, is announcing that he will retire on his 101st birthday on October 18, 2018. At age 100 Chester Hollingsworth is the oldest working man in America, spending his Tuesdays and Thursdays organizing samples of hardwood flooring, carpet, laminate, vinyl plank, tile and other flooring materials at S&H Distributing’s Dallas Flooring Warehouse discount flooring and carpet store. Twice a week, his driver, Willie Evans, drives him to work, to lunch and back and then back home at the end of a long work day.

He had retired twice in the past, once in 1984 and then again in 1990 when he sold his share in the business to his partner, John Stacy. Three years later he asked his longtime friend, John, if he could return and work two days a week in 1993. He has been working at the warehouse flooring superstore at 8717 Directors Row in Dallas, Texas ever since. Chester is one of the founders of the Dallas Flooring Warehouse parent flooring company, S&H Distributing. Mr. Hollingsworth is the “H” in “S&H Distributing.”

“I look forward to getting up and going to work. I love every minute of it. The checks don’t bounce, but I don’t need the money. I’d probably work for nothing if they felt like they didn’t want to pay me. That would be fine. I just like to be with people. I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’m going to try to make it ’til my birthday, that’s October 18th. So that’s where it is right now. Time goes fast if you’re having fun or have a 90-day note at the bank,” says Chester Hollingsworth, age 100.

Hollingsworth attracts attention everywhere he goes from his weekly visits to Mama’s Daughters’ Diner where patrons and staff welcome him as a regular to larger venues like the Ballpark in Arlington. Two weeks before his 100th birthday Chester threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Texas Rangers baseball game in Arlington, Texas. He was again featured at a Texas Rangers game up on the giant screen on September 21, 2018, as the announcer thanked him for his military service in WWII as a sub-chaser in the Navy under General Douglas MacArthur while the entire stadium erupted in cheers.

“Chester has an intrepid spirit. He brims with enthusiasm as he enjoys the small adventures of everyday life. At nearly 101 years old his mind is razor sharp. Recently, I took him to lunch at Mama’s Daughters’ Diner, and he provided turn by turn directions that could easily rival any cutting-edge GPS navigation system. When we got to the restaurant, it was like I was arriving with a Hollywood celebrity. Although the place was packed, we were immediately led to a table in the back as Chester was greeted by the staff and patrons alike. Once he was seated, a caffeine-free Dr. Pepper was automatically delivered to the table for him as we were handed the menus. He then proceeded to gobble down an entire chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, a fruit cup and a slice of chocolate pie. At more than twice my age, Chester ate twice as much food as I did all the while carrying on a conversation about how the Dallas Flooring Warehouse, S&H and Houston Flooring Warehouse tile and flooring stores have been performing. When we returned to the store, he went right back to work smiling all the way. This guy is a lighthouse and a beacon of inspiration everywhere he goes. I know I speak for everyone at Dallas Flooring Warehouse and S&H when I say that when he retires we will miss seeing him every week, but we will always treasure the great honor of working alongside the oldest working man in America! We all wish Chester, a great American role model, a happy 101st birthday!” – Johnny Carpet, Dallas Flooring Warehouse spokesman.


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