Vyon Porous Plastic Manufacture Particle Porous Materials From Virgin Grade Polymers, which are covered by EU and US food and pharmaceutical regulatory requirements. Vyon, the porous plastic company uses specific manufacturing conditions and criteria, which has enabled them to develop their primary material because of industry demands. These industry demands meant higher technical specifications and properties.

Vyon has patents going back as far as the 1950s, it just shows how their porous plastics is growing exceedingly well, and adapting to changes in technologies, markets and customer needs.

The porous plastics company have been in the industry for 50 years, and they are still delivering world-class, high-quality products, and at the same time providing top-notch customer service. With their excellent team of scientists, engineers and creative thinkers, it is no wonder they are providing expert solutions.

So, what is the benefit of the porous particle materials? Well, the benefit of Vyon® materials is that they are interconnected, making them the most suitable for the varied and industry spanning applications. Vyon is very knowledgeable and experienced in how to manufacture exceptional porous plastics.

As mentioned, this is done through their varied and advanced manufacturing capabilities which all them to support their customers with a variety of different product options.

The primary material available from Vyon in the laboratory pipette tip filters. These pipette tips are used for liquid handling and are designed to prevent sample carryover and aerosol bypass. The team at Vyon has years of experience in porous plastic manufacturing.

They are now offering their clients a range of pipette tip filters that are produced with the precise specification, optimal airflow and laboratory-grade materials that ensure a clean and contaminant-free liquid handling system.

So, why should you work with Vyon Prous plastic? Well, they have excellent material selection and manufacturing skills. They understand how to use the ‘right science with the right technology’ which is by understanding your application performance needs and regulatory requirements. Therefore, listening to the needs of the clients.

You will be supplied with a skilled partnership, as their expertise lies in both chemical and engineering design provides device platforms that give optimum solutions bespoke to your application. Fortunately, the team is flexible, and they are happy to collaborate and co-operate with your team until the day of completion.

Project management and delivery is another advantage to choosing Vyon Porous Plastics, they consider and ensure they are up to date with your regulatory requirements, deliverables and timescales so your product will meet market demand, placing you ahead of the competition.

It doesn’t stop there though; you will also be set up with a contact and a team who will work closely with your company until the end of the job.

Finally, they are a centre of high standards with excellent customer feedback about the Vyon team. Vyon is proud of their materials their superb manufacturing processes, which of course are optimally controlled to cGMP standards.

Contact Vyon Porous Plastic today about the manufacturing of particle porous materials from virgin grade polymers. They have vast knowledge about how to manufacture porous plastics, and they utilise various manufacturing conditions.

Get in touch with Vyon today by phone on +44 (0)1978 661144 or by email at patricia.deeside@gmail.com. You can also go online to their website at https://www.vyonporousplastics.com/ and read more about the materials – their manufacturing capabilities or Vyon treatments, as well as their products and applications.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/vyon-porous-plastic-manufacture-particle-porous-materials-from-virgin-grade-polymers/

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